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More than 40 years of experience in the automotive sector


A team of highly qualified professionals


Specific technological advances for each project


Events and important news for Pymasa

We have a new look!

PYMASA renovates the office

Renovates the office

Works are being carried out on the offices, to give our workspace a new look, to make it more functional, comfortable and modern.

Enlargement of the finished section

PYMASA acquires various machines

Enlargement of the finished section

A vibro, a dryer and two washer dryers are acquired. Allowing to give a finish to the pieces according to the requirements of the client.

New Baler

PYMASA acquires a baler

New Baler

Thanks to the new baler, the packaging process is improved, making the merchandise packaged more efficiently and safely.

New Profilometer

PYMASA acquires a profilometer

New Profilometer

MasSurf CD 120 profilometer, this measurement station allows us to make fast, safe and flexible measurements. With an intelligent and highly dynamic probe system.

New production office

PYMASA inaugurates its new production office

New office

A work shed has been installed to accommodate the production department, providing it with office supplies and technology to carry out its functions.

We expand our technology park

PYMASA welding acquires a group of 480 Kva

Group Welding 480Kva

Setup new welding machine 480 Kvas, completely adapted to weld shock absorbers lower brackets; this machine increases our productive capacity and opens new possibilities to weld bigger dimensions and thickness lower brackets.

New loboratory

PYMASA opens its new laboratory room

New Laboratory

It has created a new space, providing it with the necessary elements to perform all trials PYMASA required to ensure product quality. It consists of microscope with digital camera, metallographic cutter, saline mist, etc.