Committed to the environment and natural resources

Piezas y Mecanismos de Automoción S.A. is committed to the implementation of an Environmental Management System, following the international standard ISO 14001: 2015, in which management and staff are committed to a responsible attitude in caring for the environment, conservation of natural resources and pollution prevention within the framework of existing legislation at the national, provincial and municipal levels as appropriate, and the rules laid down in them.

Piezas y Mecanismos de Automoción S.A. through these principles, confirms its Environmental Policy, based on the following:

• Continuous improvement of processes and activities that ensure compliance with the set environmental objectives, improvements in preventing and minimizing environmental risks and optimization of natural resources.

• Train and involve staff responsible for the care of the environment and our environment.

• Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System, integrating its principles to the activities and their related production processes, with its strategic planning and decisions.

• Set clear achievable objectives, establish appropriate indicators, leading to continuous improvement of environmental performance in their area of concern, verifying their achievement through environmental audits.

• Develop programs and plans for prevention, management and control of incidents, accidents or environmental emergencies and generate the corresponding records.

• In any new project or activity, assess environmental impacts, indicating and carrying out appropriate measures to maximize benefits and avoid, correct or minimize risks.

• Establish and verify environmental criteria for suppliers and contractors, in accordance with the alignments of this environmental policy.

• Communicate and report regularly to the achieved environmental achievements.

• Periodically evaluate compliance with this policy and revise as necessary.

• Disseminate this policy to all staff and make it available to society.

This Policy is communicated to all persons working in the organization or on its behalf, as well as suppliers and subcontractors.